I am an English mum of an almost toddler, living in London. I met my partner Nimr while studying in Syria in 2009, and seven years later, with war continuing to devastate the country and his parents still stuck in Damascus, we had our daughter Mariam.

A friend once said to me, “your life always seems normal to you”, and it is a sad fact that after a while, you forget there is anything unusual about having relatives you can only see on Whatsapp, or a partner whose home and community are being destroyed.

Mums everywhere will also vouch for how the awesomeness of growing a baby and watching them become a person quickly settles into the busy ordinariness of family life, where booties have to be found and the bins need taking out.

So I started this blog to record some of the moments, normal or otherwise, that I may want to remember in years to come, and also because the intensity of life with a baby has made me feel the need for a space to call my own, in my head and on the page.

I also love reading about other people’s lives, and I hope you’ll find something here to relate to, whether you’re also from a family affected by war, a fellow parent of a littley, or simply a fellow human!

I have changed names to encourage myself to write more freely. You can call me Franky.